9 Sure-Fire Invisalign Tips to Change Your Life Forever

No wonder dental technology has evolved since its inception and the advancements are fast taking place.

No wonder dental technology has evolved since its inception and the advancements are fast taking place. There has been a revolutionary change in the dental industry, with more and more people looking for better ways to align their teeth and straighten their smiles.
Metal braces are things of the past. They do not interest today’s crowd and for good reasons. They are not as convenient as Invisalign London is, thanks to technological advancements. People are turning to custom-tailored invisible retainers that are not only convenient but also effective – so much so that everyone seems to be talking about them.

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Since 1997, when Invisalign was first introduced in the market, it has received unmatched attention from people all around the globe. Nowadays, they are the latest craze in the industry. For those looking for a better alternative to straighten their smile without compromising the way they look, this device is the ultimate lifesaver. In fact, young adults love them – after all, they are invisible and do not get in the way of one’s appearance and confidence.
Whether you are considering giving this treatment a shot or you are already a user, learning about useful tips makes sense. After all, it is going to cost you money and you do not want your money to be wasted on some botched job.
Below we provide you with a list of good habits you can incorporate into your life to enhance your experience with Invisalign aligners. Let us help you achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile that lasts forever.

Be conscious about what you drink

We ranked this tip first on our list and there is a reason for it. One of the worst mistakes anyone can ever make is drinking anything but water with the retainers on.
Drinks (especially sugary drinks) other than water have the ability to form cavities in the mouth, which are dangerous during the treatment. Drinks like soda, tea, and coffee are damaging to your teeth and the Invisalign aligners too.
It is best to take off the aligners while drinking anything other than water. Even better- your orthodontist is the one to whom you can seek advice as to what you should and should not do.

Brushing works wonder

The good side of invisible retainers is that you do not see them – they are transparent. But what good it is if it is making you ignore your oral health and take risks? Those with Invisalign aligners often make the mistake of forgetting to take off their retainers and brush their teeth regularly. There is no point in forgetting about your teeth’ maintenance while you are spending money to get that perfect smile.
Take this as an expert’s tip – after every meal you have, make sure you brush your real teeth by taking off the aligners. By doing so, you eliminate the risks of cavities formed by bacteria and plaque.
Do not forget to rinse and floss too.

Things that are chewable are your lifesaver

Those with Invisalign already know how helpful chewies can be. Ask your orthodontist about them and they will tell the same. Sugar-free chewing gums are often recommended by dentists during the Invisalign treatment. Not only do they keep your teeth clean after every meal but they help keep the aligners in place.
So, why not put them to use and make them work in your best interest?

Follow the 20-22 hours schedule

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign allows you to take them off whenever you like. While you can take them off as you wish, keeping them on for at least 20 to 22 hours a day is a must. If there was one thing being non-negotiable- this is what that is.
The rest of the hours without aligners should be used for activities like eating, drinking, cleaning, brushing, and flossing. If you do not follow the timeline, get ready to spend more time on this treatment – the biggest injustice anyone could do to themselves.

Old aligners are not to be ignored

We say it by experience and experiences do not lie. One of the biggest mistakes patients make is throwing their old set of aligners away. This should not be the case! You cannot tell but a time may come when you need those old sets badly. Maybe you have lost your new aligners and ordered a new set again. What do you do meanwhile?
To prevent the treatment from taking prolonged time, while you have ordered a new set, you can stills wear your old aligners and continue the treatment without much interruption.

Baby nail clippers do a great job

While this tip is not for those who are heavy-handed, most patients can use nail filers and bay nail clippers to ensure comfort in the mouth during the treatment. When you wear the aligners for the first time, your gums will take time to get accustomed to the new plastic-like thing. While it is normal, most patients would face some difficulties like irritation in the mouth with them.
If this sounds like you, and you need immediate help, try filing down the area with baby nail clippers to get momentary relief. But do make sure you schedule an appointment with your orthodontist and consider professional trimming.

Cases offer peace of mind

You do yourself a little favour by putting your aligners in their cases after every use. It is tempting to put them anywhere after taking off, once patients get comfortable with Invisalign aligners. Even though your aligners can take the stress, a little act of taking precautions goes a long way. Do not forget that they are sensitive and you got to take good care of them.
Warning: The materials are prone to melting and cannot endure high temperatures.

A learned orthodontist is all you need

A good orthodontist is the one who suggests the best. They know what is best for you and will go above and beyond to ensure the same. So, if you are someone who runs after those Invisalign offers in London that sound affordable in the first place, reconsider your decision.
Before signing any contracts, take time to do the necessary legwork and find out if the deal is value for the money you are paying for. Once done right by the right person, Invisalign treatment works wonders. All you need is a professional who knows what he says and does not lure you into those too-good-to-be-true deals.

Post-care measures are for your good

Once your treatment is over, it is tempting to skip any post-care measures. This is the costliest mistake anyone could ever do.
Your orthodontist may have recommended wearing Viveras after the treatment is completed. If you are wondering about what they are – they are typically created using the last pair of your aligners but they have thicker materials in place.
You are recommended to wear them always for the first 6 months after the treatment. After that put them on during the nighttime only.

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