A Step By Step Guide to Cleaning & Maintaining Hardwood Floor

The very next thing you want to learn after replacing that laminate flooring or wall-to-wall carpet with gorgeous wood floors is how to clean them effectively.

The very next thing you want to learn after replacing that laminate flooring or wall-to-wall carpet with gorgeous wood floors is how to clean them effectively. After all, you want your wood floors to be in tip-top shape at all times. To ensure the same, you may even hire a hardwood floor cleaner to help you with the job.

Guide to Cleaning & Maintaining Hardwood Floor
Cleaning & Maintaining Hardwood Floor

We bet you may think that a microfiber mop and some cleaning solution would do the cleaning trick. Of course, that does extend the longevity of wood surfaces. But it is not always enough for all types of dirt and grime.
You do not want to use any item on your wood floors that says it will polish, shine, rejuvenate, or revitalize your floor. These cleaning solutions are only effective for a short time. Applying them is like putting something glossy on the floor to make it look pretty for a really short time. However, this cleaning solution is not designed to wear.
Here, in this comprehensive resource, we will walk you through some expert cleaning tips on maintaining the lustre of your wood floor without causing any damage to the finish.

What is the best thing to use when cleaning hardwood floors?

Maybe you are going for a deeper wash. So, when you are about to choose a cleaning product for your wood floors, there is no hard-and-fast rule. Since there are different finishes, they need different treatments as well.
When you are in doubt or have a dilemma, it is safe to apply the basics. Create a DIY cleaner for your hardwood flooring by combining four cups of lukewarm water with a few drops of detergent soap.
A DIY homemade cleaning solution created by combining water and white vinegar can also come to your aid. However, some advise against applying any kind of acid because it can potentially make the surface look dull over time.

What should you not put on a hardwood floor?

You will never go wrong with those old-fashioned, cheap cleaning solutions. But we will not make a huge mistake if we said that there are certain cleaning products that you would better avoid.
Those include chlorine bleach (no matter if it is diluted). This cleaning agent can make the wood structure weak. Also, you do not want to apply any kind of harsh chemicals on your hardwood floors. Chemicals are prone to create hazing on the floors. If there is a polyurethane finish on the floor, it can make it look more cloudy due to the wax buildup. If you want to stop hazing, take a clean cloth and dip it in warm water. Use a damp microfiber cloth, if possible.

Can you clean hardwood floors on your own?

Yes, it is possible that you can clean your hardwood floors yourself. All you need is some little preparation and knowledge about what does what.

Sweeping daily

Sweeping is of utmost importance when it comes to hardwood floor cleaning. Your wood floors stop looking shining when there is dirt and grime buildup. No doubt, keeping the dust off the floor is key. By sweeping not only will you be able to remove filthy messes but it can also help you minimize damage.
As mere as pet hair can damage your hardwood floors. Therefore, it is best to be a little conscious and proactive. If there is debris on the floor, which you walk across – it can leave scratches on the surface without you realizing it. Now you understand how dangerous not sweeping can be.
That is why you sweep daily. After sweeping your floor, consider dry or dust mopping to remove microfibre dirt, maintaining the lustre of the wood.
If sweeping the entire house every day is somewhat hectic for you, consider hitting high-traffic areas such as entryways or hallways.

Regular vacuuming has loads of benefits

Vacuuming regularly keeps your wooden floor dirt- and grime-free. By suctioning the last bit of any fine particles, your vacuum cleaner does an excellent job of keeping dust and debris at bay. Therefore, there will be zero crevices, cracks, or cuts.
All you need is to make sure that you switch to the hard floor setting to avoid any sort of scratching.

Mopping your hardwood floors

Mopping is only effective if you do it correctly and without leaving excess water behind. Using the right wood floor cleaner means your flooring will stay in its best shape for years to come. Make sure you use the cleaner with a damp mop.
Do not overdo mopping. If you do so, it will allow water to be stagnant on the wood floors, causing damage to them in the long run. Also, do not bring a wet bucket near the wood floor because that will cause the wood to swell up.

Fix any scratches you find on hardwood floors

There could be elements like grime, vacuum bristles, and pet hair – that can leave scratches behind. These scratches are the enemy of your hardwood floor, causing it to look unattractive. For homeowners like you, fixing these surface scratches becomes all the more important. And experts believe that with a simple DIY project, they can fix these scratches.
All you need is a stain marker. Or you can go for a wax stick if it is a deeper dent you are dealing with.
If you cannot even think of scratches on your expensive hardwood floors, an area rug or doormat would come as a lifesaver. They can help you protect the floor surface, keeping them free from any scratches, dirt and debris. Plus, you get to add a personal touch to the space.

What about maintaining?

The environment around your wood floor is a major thing that comes in way of its durability. Wood is a material that reacts dramatically to the surrounding temperature and humidity.
Your wood will give you signs of its despise. Consider noting those red flags and it is the best line of defence you can take. If you notice too much moisture on, around, and below your wood floor, it will cup.
By understanding the source of the water, make sure you eliminate it. This is especially true for any standing water.
On the other hand, an exceedingly dry environment may result in gapping, splitting, and cracking. In that case, adding a little moisture to the surrounding air will enable the wood floor to settle back.
N.B: If you do not manage to understand the source of water, consider consulting a hard flooring cleaner.

Recoat hardwood floors

When your wood floor starts to wear down, it means it is time for a recoat. Applying another coat of wood finish to the top is helpful in bringing back the lustre. First, you need to deep clean the floors, buff, and lastly apply a new coat.
By doing so, you can prolong the lustre and life of your floor for years. It adds an extra layer of protection every time you step in. You would find a plethora of finishes on the market.
Depending on the needs and specifications, you would be able to settle down with your choice.
Now that you know one or two things about wood floor cleaning, it is time to gauge whether you should invest in professional cleaning at all. If you think, a professional hardwood floor cleaning Services is needed once in a while, get in touch with us at Vip Carpet Cleaning London Ltd.

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