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Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world. It not only provides living facilities but has a better infrastructure too

Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world. It not only provides living facilities but has a better infrastructure too. As Singapore has become an education hub, many people are heading towards the country to fulfil their dreams.

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Nursing is one of the safest and brightest career options to pursue in Singapore. As one of the legal careers, it not only gives you recognition but can also provide you with citizenship of Singapore.

As we are curious about the nursing jobs in Singapore, the qualifications to do nursing, and its payout, we will cover all the questions in the other sections. We will try to provide you with the relevant information and knowledge.

Why is Singapore facing the Crisis of Nurses?

Although a developed country, Singapore needs more nurses. The situation has come to the point that Singapore needs to recruit nurses from other countries. Foreign nurses from Malaysia and the Philippines were the priority to recruit in Singapore, but it started recruiting nurses from other countries as the situation worsened.

Countries including India, the People’s Republic of China and Myanmar were also included in Singapore’s list of recruiting nurses. The top three main reasons for the shortage of nurses in Singapore are rapid growth in the population, rapid ageing, and the increasing burden of chronic diseases.

These reasons cause the rapid increase in the number of healthcare workers and increasing demand for nurses. It also imposed chaos in the healthcare industry. According to a report, there were around 42000 nurses registered in the Singapore Nursing Board ( SNB ) register, and more than 5000 nurses were inactive.

The country tried to fill its gap of nurses by recruiting foreign nurses, increasing the payout, encouraging graduate scholars to pursue nursing, and even offering scholarships, among many other ways. Still, it needed help to fill the gap.

What qualifications and documents are required for a Nursing Job in Singapore?

Enrolled and registered nurses are preferred the most in Singapore, where the country has some rules and regulations for recruiting. The native residents of Singapore can enrol themselves in the universities or polytechnic institutions for the courses of either enrolled nurse ( EN ) or registered nurse ( RN ).

Whether you are a native resident or from another country, it is mandatory to register yourself with the Singapore Nursing Board ( SNB ). There can also be an examination that Singapore Nursing Council conducts.

If you wish to work as a nurse in Singapore, you must have the following relevant documents to ease your journey to Singapore. With a mandatory passport, you must have a degree of completion in nursing in your home country.

With a nurse’s license, you should have an experience letter that can make your resume look professional and experienced. There can be an option to submit the references from your workplace.

How Much Salary Can You Expect from a Nursing Job in Singapore?

As nursing is a respectable profession, there is no doubt that you get paid a handsome sum. You can expect a reasonable amount in Singapore, where there is already a shortage of nurses.

The salary also depends on which position you are like RNs get a higher payout than ENs, and ENs also get a higher payout than other staff who are below them. The more experienced you are, the more you will be in your payout.

As the salary can change with time and situation, we can give you a rough idea of the payout. You can expect an amount starting from 70000 pesos to 90000 pesos. Many nurses get paid a massive sum of even 200000 pesos and more than that, depending on the above said features.

Why Should you Choose Singapore for Nursing Jobs?

You must have got the idea of working as a nurse in Singapore. Due to the shortages of nurses in the country, the way has become easy for you to work here. Being surrounded by Malaysia and Indonesia, you can even get a chance to visit these places and travel in these locations is as pretty frequent and easy.

Singapore is rated the 5th country in low corruption and crime rates. Being such a safest country, it will not be a harm to you to work here. As the country has a mixed population of different countries, you can learn about their culture and make good companions.

If you wish to earn a good amount, working in Singapore is best for you. If you are a skilled and experienced nurse, then there is no doubt that you will get a satisfying amount. You can still get a good amount if you are a fresher because the minimum amount paid to Singapore nurses is impressive and reasonable.

One of the essential things to choosing Singapore as your dream country is the cost of airfare. You can get the minimum and cheapest ticket to Singapore for just $ 100, which is quite affordable and reasonable.

As Singapore invites young and fresh minds to work in Singapore, the chances become higher for experienced ones. The country not only increases its workplace but getting a work permit and citizenship is relatively easy here.

What is the Final Conclusion?

As the country is flourishing in its healthcare facilities and technology, it will soon become the eye-catching country to be chosen from the list. Choosing the profession of nurse in Singapore can be the best fit for you if you are dedicated and passionate about it.

As every profession and country has pros and cons, It is wise to research independently. Go with the deep knowledge as much as possible and finally decide to work as a nurse in Singapore. Researching every bit of it will help you choose the best. 

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